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De Oude Kraal Spa & De-Stress Retreat A Bloemfontein Spa Experience


Spa By Candlelight

You, as a couple receive a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage, and you are left alone to cover each other with a chocolate body mousse treatment. Have a shower together.
You have exclusive use of the spa facilities and this includes a picnic platter and a bottle of sparkling wine. (18:00-23:00 – Monday to Thursday)
R2400p/couple – Booking 24 hours prior to appointment

Rooigras- Relax and de-stress

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage and Indian Head Massage.
R800per person

Love Bird –  Relax and enjoy a romantic time for a couple.

A Full Body Aromatherapy Massage, Sheep Harmony Facial for her, and Ram’s Facial for him.
You and your partner will then be left alone to cover each other with localized mud. (Optional).
R1000per person =R2000 per couple

Golden experience   – Get it the golden way!

Golden Facial, Golden Fleece Wrap,

R1050per person

Kraal Day – A true stress reliever-massages for specific areas.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage, Hair and Scalp Treatment, Leg Treatment.
R1100per person

Gentle Marino (Ideal for sensitive skin)

Pamper yourself the comfort way. Sheep’s Harmony Facial, Manicure, Pedicure

R1200per person

Ram’s Delight –  (Can combine with Ewe’s Delight for a couple)

All of men’s favorites combined for ultimate relaxation.
Back, Neck and Shoulder Hot stone Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Ram’s Hydrating Facial.
R1300per person

Ewe’s Delight  –  (Can combine with Ram’s Delight for a couple)

The perfect pampering treat
Back, Neck and Shoulder Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage, Sheep’s Harmony Facial, Pedicure.
R1300per person

Royal Ewe – Get an all-over body glow.

Uplifting Clay Mud Wrap , Sheep’s Harmony Facial, Pedicure.
R1400per person

Pamper Package  – Come and be pampered to a great extent.

Aqua Sheep Facial, Full Body Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage, Pedicure.
R1400per person

Glowing sheep’s package (Ideal for brides)

Go with the flow …get the Glow!

Aqua Sheep Facial, Milky Way Wrap and Back, Neck and Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage.

R1450per person

Mary’s Little Lamb – For Expecting Mothers

A head to toe package, for all expecting mothers, leaving you feeling relaxed and spoilt with the added bonus of improved skin elasticity.
Mellow Mama Full Body Massage, Pedicure, Aqua Sheep Facial.
R1500per person

Sheep’s Serenity – Feel like a beauty queen.

Back and Neck Aromatherapy Massage,  Manicure, Pedicure, Sheep’s Harmony Facial.
R1600per person

Birthday Wishes for her and him

Spoil that special person with this ultimate birthday package.
Includes a bottle of sparkling wine and a cupcake.
Chocolate Sheep Wrap,  Aqua Sheep Facial for her and Ram’s facial for him or Pedicure.
R1650per person

Sparkling Merino

Get an all over body reboot.
Golden Facial, Full Body Hot Stone Massage and Indian Head Massage.
R1700per person

Sheep on a Journey – Exclusively for overnight guests.

To reduce stress and tiredness after travelling.
Back, Neck and Shoulder Aaromatherapy Massage, Leg treatment.
R700per person

The Diamond Experience   –  The ultimate seduction, for a truly blissful experience.

Marie’s favorite Silicium Facial, Milky Way Wrap, Full Body Hot Stone massage, Pedicure.
R2600per person

Woolgathering – Aromatherapy

Relaxing, stress-melting aromatherapy massage. The essential oils offer extra therapeutic properties beneficial to the body during the massage. The aromatherapy essential oils are blended for each individual’s requirements.

Full Body
Duration: 60 min  –  Price: R 550
Duration: 90 min  –  Price: R 650

Back, Neck & Shoulder
30 min  –  Price: R 450
Duration: 45 min  –  Price: R 500

Mellow Mama  Full body pregnancy massage

Enjoy this indulgent Full Body Massage using our safe, but effective pre-natal oils and techniques, to soothe those specific muscles carrying that beautiful lamb, and to improve skin elasticity. (After first trimester)

Duration: 60 min  –  Price: R 650

Free State summer – Hot Stone with Aromatherapy

This massage encourages a flow of oxygen and nutrients to sore and tired muscles. The heat of the stones, not only relaxes the muscles, but also has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Full Body
Duration: 60 min  –  Price: R 650
Duration: 90 min  –  Price: R 750

Back, Neck & Shoulder
30 min  –  Price: R 500
Duration: 45 min  –  Price: R 550

Starry, Starry Night Indian Head Massage

Relieving tense and tired muscles, this pressure point massage on the face, scalp, neck and shoulders, will improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the area.

Duration: 30 min  –  Price: R 450

Black Back Jackal Hair and Scalp Treatment

Experience self-indulgence during a stress relieving scalp massage, using a stimulating scalp tonic, followed by a conditioning hair oil, and intensive protein hair mask.

Duration: 30 min  –  Price: R 500

Moonlight Walk Leg Treatment for the traveler

This is the perfect treatment to help relax and relieve tired, heavy legs, combining deep pressure or lymphatic drainage on the legs with muscular oil. This is followed by a circulation-booster gel wrap. Ideal for legs with water retention, or poor circulation.

Duration: 45 min  –  Price: R 450

Sheep’s Harmony – Women’s facial (Theravine)

Harmonize the face by providing moisture, using a specialized mask to sooth and balance the skin, this facial provides the perfect skin maintenance, while it’s aroma & texture provides for a multi –sensory experience. (Balancing and stimulating)

Duration: 60 min  –  Price: R 600

Ram’s Hydrating Facia – Men’s facial (Thalgo)

Thicker, richer in sebum, and aggravated by daily shaving, men’s skin needs constant energizing to maintain suppleness and elasticity.

Duration: 60 min  –  Price: R 600

Golden Sheep Facial – Advanced cellular gold facial (Theravine)

Our anti-ageing jewel, a collagen film mask, with addition of 24K gold and diamond dust, eliminates the signs of ageing. Your skin is moisturized and glowing with illumination.

Duration: 90 min  –  Price: R 650

Aqua Sheep Facial – Sillicium, super-lift facial (Thalgo)

Dare to defy time! Smooth, fill and lift to combat the effects of ageing, by using stimulating movements to get instant results.

Duration: 90 min  –  Price: R 1500

Golden Fleece Wrap Dead sea mud wrap

Mineralizing Dead Sea salt and natural marine mud, leaving the skin pampered and polished. This is followed by a back, neck & shoulder aromatherapy massage.

Duration: 90 min  –  Price: R 650

Milky Way Wrap Hydrating Milk Ceremony

Your body is primed for a luxurious treat, while we rid your skin of rough, dead skin using a crushed grape seed exfoliation, and then a lovely milk bath. Enjoy a relaxing head and scalp treatment, while your body is coccooned in a hydrating gel wrap.

Duration: 90 min  –  Price: R 700

Noha Seretsi Uplifting Clay Wrap

This sensory journey starts with a full body exfoliation, get coccooned in an uplifting clay wrap followed by an aromatherapy fusion back and neck massage.

Duration: 90 min  –  Price: R 750

Chocolate Sheep Wrap Chocolate Wrap

Your body is polished with a blood circulation increasing exfoliator followed by detoxifying chocolate wrap attack stubborn fat on your body. This is followed by a full body hot stone massage.

Duration: 120 min  –  Price: R 800

White Paw – Feet Massage

Tired of swollen, aching and cold feet, come and give your feet an awesome pampering, with our warm massage that help with the blood circulation and helps get rid of toxins. Come to think of it, we walk, run, and stand, but we hardly treat our feet. It is the one body part that carries most of the weight of your body, completed with a luxurious foot mask and relaxing paraffin wax

Duration: 45 min  –  Price: R 400

Wool Mittens – Manicure Delight

A warm and fruity soak softens the hands. Hand exfoliation. Nail and cuticle work, followed by a special hand massage, completed with a luxurious hand mask and relaxing paraffin wax. Nails are then varnished complimentary.

Duration: 60 min  –  Price: R 450

Wool Socks – Pedicure Delight

Take the pressure off your feet, relax and enjoy this experience starting with a fruity soak, followed by feet exfoliation, cuticle work and filing. Receive the specialized foot massage, foot mask and relaxing paraffin wax. Nails are then varnished complimentary.

Duration: 60 min  –  Price: R 500

Medi-Pedi – Advanced Pedicure

A specialized treatment to remove dead skin. It leaves the roughest, most cracked and calloused feet, both smooth and soft without the use of blades or cutting tools. Nails are then filed and varnished complimentary.

Duration: 90 min  –  Price: R 600

Add – On to Existing Treatment.
WAX & TINT (Sugaring on request extra cost)

Upper Lip Wax R35
Chin Wax R40
Eyebrow Wax R40
Bikini Wax R120
Full arm Wax R120
Under arm Wax R70
Back / Chest Wax R120
Half – Leg Wax R150
Full – Leg Wax R180
Full – Face R100
Lash tint R50
Brow tint R30
Lash and brow tint R70
Nail varnishing R150
Area specific Hot stones     R100/area
Dry brushing (exfoliation)  R50

We need a 50% deposit to make your booking. You could either provide us with your credit card details or deposit the amount into our bank account. 

 Bank:  Nedbank
 Branch:  Bloemfontein
 Branch code:  166234
 Account no:  1662054254

Please fax the deposit slip to: 051 – 56 40 63 5 or e-mail to

Please use your surname and date of stay as reference.
Kindly phone or e-mail us as soon as possible to make your reservation.


Cancellation less than 7 days prior forfeit the full amount.
Cancellation 7 to 14 days prior forfeit 75% of the full amount.
Cancellation 14 to 21 days prior forfeit 50% of the full amount.
Cancellation 21 to 28 days prior forfeit 25% of the full amount.

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