Our Farm

What you should know

De Oude Kraal is based on a 3000 hectare farm and has a diverse farming portfolio, focusing mainly on Merino sheep for their wool production as well as utilizing the meat for our restaurant. We have some cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, a few different plains antelopes like Springbuck, Blesbuck, Sable, Njala and Gemsbuck. The Free State veldt is quite diverse, featuring around 27 different grass varieties, and has a wide range of small nocturnal mammals that inhabit the landscape. We want to share our beautiful nature with our guests and showcase the farm through our outdoor activities. 

De Oude Padstal

At De Oude Kraal, we take pride in showcasing the best of our region. From farm-fresh produce that bursts with flavor to carefully crafted curios that capture the essence of our heritage, our shelves are a celebration of local talent and creativity. Whether you’re looking for a special gift or a piece to adorn your home, you’ll find something truly unique and meaningful. 

Explore our carefully curated selection of toys that spark joy and ignite the imagination. Each toy is chosen with care, ensuring that they not only bring delight to little ones but also support local artisans and creators. From traditional wooden toys to modern playthings, we believe in the power of play to create lasting memories. 

Farm activities

We offer our outdoor activities to all guests to share our beautiful nature with them. Explore the farm on horseback, by walking trail, or by wagon & tractor during our sunset ride, or have a guided Farm Safari where you are regaled with information about the farming activities and the farm history. We have a swimming pool, target shooting activities, bird watching and stargazing on offer as well.  

All our farm activities

• Horse Riding: 60 minutes with guide
• Children hand-led: 30 minutes
• Sundowner drive
• Clay Pigeon Shooting
• .22 Shooting
• Mountain Biking Trails
• Eco Farm Run
• Bird Watching
• Hiking Trails
• Swimming Pool
• Farm Safari including free soft drink, cider or beer with snack platter
• Sheep Farm Tour-bakkie 120 minutes on “trekker en wa”
• Food Demonstration
• Bloemfontein Tour
• Bachelor's Package 1 or 2
• Bachelorette's Package 1 or 2